Who Was Mary Hill Davis?

WMU of Texas President, 1906-1931

Mary Hill Davis was born in Greenville, Georgia, and came to Texas as a small child in 1870 when her family moved from Tennessee to Dallas. At age 20, she married F.S. Davis, a physician. They had one son, Raymond, also a physician and surgeon.

Mary's heart for missions and people was evident in everything she did. She believed Texas was a vast mission field, and that immigrants needed to know Jesus just as much as citizens. Not only did she stir women to give and pray for missions (giving increased by $1.2 million dollars during her presidency), but she also encouraged leaders to take care of orphans, schools in Texas, as well as China, and retired pastors living in poverty.

Mary Hill Davis passed away on November 24, 1934, and during a memorial service held at the WMU Convention of Houston in 1935, the State Missions Offering was re-named the Mary HIll Davis Offering®.

Today, eighty-five years later, Mary's remarkable leadership continues to inspire Texas Baptists to give, pray and serve.


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