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Special Friends Retreat

Often our special needs campers feel overlooked or struggle to find a place where they are truly loved and accepted. The Special Friends Retreat changes that. It's a space where they can encounter God on their level, surrounded by friends who understand and appreciate them.

Your gifts to the Mary Hill Davis Offering support campers, leaders, and parents attending this event. Learn more: iamtexasmissions.org.


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Prayer Requests

Pray for opportunities to expand our camps to other areas of Texas. There are many areas in Texas that we can still reach and connect with.

Pray for our campers, that they will receive the resources they need and that more churches will seek to provide special needs ministries.

Pray for parents and caregivers as their needs are great and resources are sometimes scarce. Pray that all will find a church home that will welcome their families.

When you give ...

Pays for snacks for a camper during the retreat.
Pays for a scholarship for one camper to attend the retreat who may not have the resources to attend otherwise.
Pays for Bible study supplies so each camper can encounter scripture in the way they learn best.

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