Special Friends Retreat

Special Friends Retreats exist to provide a camp/retreat experience for individuals with disabilities, their caregivers, and their families. This enduring ministry has touched many lives for 37 years, providing a space where campers come together and learn about Jesus in the way they learn best. A host of volunteers across the state support this ministry with their time and love. Campers experience worship, enjoy fellowship with friends, attend Bible study, and participate in the much-anticipated talent show.

Nicki's Texas Missions Story

Nikki Taylor is non-verbal. Although she is not able to talk, she wanted to perform in the talent show at the Special Friends Retreat. Nikki wanted to sing. As the talent show was nearing an end, the retreat director asked if anyone else wanted to perform. Nikki reached out to her friend letting her know that she really wanted to sing. So Nikki’s friend helped her to the front and shared the stage so they could sing. Nikki’s song and her obvious love for Jesus brought many to tears. 

The Special Friends Retreat allows volunteers to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Those with special needs as well as their parents and caregivers need our prayers. Pray for strength and courage as they often walk difficult journeys. As they find Jesus, pray that He will use their unique journey to inspire and encourage others.

Get Involved

Your church can be involved by identifying families and sharing information about the Special Friends Retreats. Consider providing transportation to the retreat(s), and care for family members at home while the parent(s) and/or caregivers attend the retreat. Learn more at txb.org/specialfriends.


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Prayer Requests

  • Pray for more churches to see the need for special needs ministry. The Special Friends Retreat is a model for how this ministry can impact the life of a church.
  • Pray for the health of the campers throughout the year, as many struggle with health issues.

When you give ...

Pays for snacks for a camper during the retreat.
Pays for a scholarship for one camper to attend the retreat who may not have the resources to attend otherwise.
Pays for Bible study supplies so each camper can encounter scripture in the way they learn best.

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