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Devoted: A Gathering of Young Believers in Urban Areas

The Urban Dictionary defines a gathering as a “get together” of two or more people instead of a party.

Devoted, a gathering of young believers in urban areas, creates a space for millennial and Gen Z believers to connect, fellowship, and grow, while learning about Texas Baptist life.

Through your gifts to the Mary Hill Davis Offering for Texas Missions®, event venues, coffee shops and living rooms around Dallas are transformed into spaces of worship, where young adults are equipped and mobilized for missions.


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Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for opportunities to connect with young adults as they find ways to work together to reach their communities for Christ.
  2. Pray for millennial and Gen Z believers across the state.
  3. Pray for the young adults attending Devoted events. Pray that they will connect with one another, hear about Texas Baptists life, and be mobilized to missions.

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When you give ...

You will provide literature that connects Devoted attendees to Texas Baptists ministries.
You will cover the cost of musicians to lead worship at a Devoted gathering. This gift will teach them that their gifts are transcended and go beyond the walls of the church.
You will provide a space for 100 young adults to host a worship gathering.

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